Lake Wauwanoka is located in Jefferson County, Missouri, near the town of Hillsboro.  Established in the 40’s, this lake development was intended to give weekend warriors a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and enjoy a taste of country life.

The original development was dotted with cabins and camp sites. What began as a weekend retreat and has evolved into a thriving development of full-time residents while maintaining that “in-the-woods” feeling with a deep sense of community.



The 2018 lake budget has been completed and approved. Please click the link below for review.



New Deer Stand Policy

The LWI Board has approved the following policy on deer stands.

All tree stands in the back acres need to have your Block letter, Lot number and your Name on deer stands. Failure to do so will mean the stands will begin being removed effective February 1st. The owner of the tree stand is responsible for the safety and maintenance.

Any unmarked tree stands will be removed and stored.


2Rod & Gun CPlease Don’t Be A Litter Bug

There seems to be an increase of litter and trash on the main Lake Rd. as well as on North and South Lake.  If you know or see anyone throwing litter out of their car such as Polar Cups, soda/beer cans, or fast food bags, please ask them hold it until they get home to a real trash can instead of using our roads as one.  Also, if you are out walking and see litter, please consider picking it up and putting it in the nearest trash can.

Remember, it is everyones responsibility to help keep our community litter free and an attractive place to live.

Help Us Save Our Roads

From time to time, heavy rains causes driveway gravel to wash onto our roads.  This can cause damage and tear up the road’s asphalt surface as vehicles drive over the gravel by grinding the gravel into the pavement.  We’re requesting that after any hard rains, check for and clear any gravel that’s washed onto the road from your property.

Please keep the ditches and culverts in front of your property cleared of leaves and debris.  When they fill up with leaves and debris, it blocks the flow of water run-off from the property and roads.  This causes the excess water to flow up and over the roadways and deteriorate the ground along the sides of the road.  That deterioration and wash-out of the soil will cause the road to crumble along the edge.

~Lake Wauwanoka Board of Directors

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